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6×9 Envelopes

6×9 envelopes are typically used as catalog, magazine, report and booklet envelopes and are very well suited in size, for these kind of mailings.

6×9 Magazine Envelope.

6x9 envelopesMost magazines come in either 6×9 size or just a little bit smaller, and except for the very thick ones like an annual edition, they will fit perfectly into this size envelope.

A smaller envelope would just not allow for the thickness of a magazine.  It is far nicer to send a magazine through the post in one of these envelopes than it is to roll it up and send it in tube fashion. You can easily buy these envelopes as separate envelopes, or you can buy in bulk which will obviously save you a lot of money in the long run.  They are always handy to have around as they also have many more uses. The 6×9 is great for when you do not want to fold something, like for example a sheet of paper or a flier.

6×9 Catalog Envelopes

As with magazines, and especially for a catalog, you do not want it arriving at its intended destination looking battered and shabby.  A roll up up catalog that arrives in the post does not look good when opened up.  It is very hard to flatten it again and it just does not give the right professional impression.

If you have invested the money in a catalog to showcase your products, or your business, then you really do not want it to have the adverse effect of looking unprofessional.  Investing just a little extra in a good quality 6×9 envelope will pay for itself and should be seen as an investment in your company’s image.

6×9 Envelopes For Reports And Booklets

Reports and booklets are very well suited to this size envelope, also known as the A10. They allow for the size and it means that you do not have to fold over or crease your booklet or report.  You will want your report to turn up and look carefully produced and professionally mailed.  They come in all sort of colors and you can even get them personalized for that extra special touch. Sending your communication out in envelopes that are not plain white can be very effective and will increase your open rate as they will stick out from all the rest of the post that is sent out.  If you are having your 6×9 envelopes custom made then do be sure to put your website address and details on there.  You could also put information on the other products and services your company offers.  No point in wasting that message.

You can buy these envelopes online, Amazon usually has a reasonable stock. Or try and find a supplier who specialise only in envelopes of all shapes and all sizes.  You will tend to find that these suppliers buy in such bulk that they are able to offer extremely competitive prices.  These suppliers do not carry the overheads that your street retailer does so they are able to offer their stationery and extremely competitive prices.

Delivery is often free of charge, but because of their weight then you never really get charged much for delivery of 6×9 envelopes.