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Christmas Envelopes

Which Christmas Envelopes?

It is important when you are choosing your christmas card envelopes that you get the right size. This sounds obvious, but many people end up with hundreds of envlopes left over after Christmas because they did not fit the Christmas card they wanted to send out.

So first of all decide on the card and then let the size of the Christmas envelopes follow. One of the most popular of all sizes for Christmas card envelopes is the 4×6. However, this may not suit you. The 4×6 is great if you are sending out a photo card. These xmas photo cards have become very popular, they are a lovely way to send out a unique personalized greeting to friends and family. Even businesses are starting to use them to differentiate their business christmas greetings card from those of their competitors.

However 5×7 Christmas envelopes are also popular. So first things first, decide on the size of your card and then you need to think of the style of holiday envelope.

If you are making your own cards then you may just want a plain envelope or you might want to match your theme with a colored one. Remember if you go for plain envelopes you can always use leftover ones during the rest of the year. Plain are also good if you want to personalize them yourself either by putting a Christmas sticker on them or even your own little drawing.

Do also bear in mind that Christmas does come once a year so even if you do have a bunch of Christmas envelopes left over, these can surely be used again, as there are no plans for the Christmas holiday season to fade away any time soon.

Where To Buy Christmas Card Envelopes

Well on this front you should have no worries. They will be everywhere. You can buy in the high street or in the mall. However, one of the best places to get your envelopes will be online. With no shop/store overheads to pay, online suppliers can and do offer some extremely good competitive rates. You can also get next day delivery on most orders. If you don’t need next day delivery then your order will usually turn up in 2-3 working postal days.

You can also get a much better selection online. This is because online suppliers once again do not have the massive storage costs to pay that the high street stores do, so they can have a much more varied and unusual selection of Christmas envelopes for you to choose from.